What are stretch marks? Know differentiate the recent of the ancient

stretch marks

What are Stretch Marks?

One of the biggest dramas on the skin is the stretch marks.

The theme involves several myths and truths, as some say that the problem is reversible, while others believe that it is possible to soften the aspect.

The DermaClub sought the Dermatologist Mi , who revealed curiosities about the famous zebra effect, revealing why it happens, what types, how to avoid and how to minimize it visually. Check it!

What is striae and how to differentiate the recent one from an old one?
According to the doctor, stretch marks are depressions in the skin, which are arranged in a linear fashion and form in areas prone to stretching of the skin. Initially, they are reddish or purplish, high, characterizing them as recent.

The old ones are white, atrophic and with a slight wrinkle.

Discover the factors that lead to the appearance of stretch marks
According to Dr. Mylenne, the factors leading to the onset are not yet fully known. “Studies suggest that hormones decrease the resistance of collagen to stress in the area of ​​the skin affected in people who are genetically predisposed.

These factors trigger inflammation and disruption of elastic and collagen fibers. It is hereditary and the most susceptible people are women, occurring more in puberty, especially between 14 and 20 years, “he said.

However, the dermatologist listed some conditions that, in addition to the genetic factor, favor the appearance of stretch marks, such as:
– Gain or lose weight quickly;
– Growth in adolescence;
– intense bodybuilding;
– Use of corticosteroids;
Pregnancy Stretch Marks
– Breast implants.

Can you minimize your appearance after the problem has set in?
Although the dermatological market has already evolved a lot, Dr. Mi points out that the treatment of the problem can not always present satisfactory results.

“Ideally, these procedures should be performed as soon as the striae appear, in the phase in which they are recent, thus making it possible to minimize their appearance. The consequences are variable, and there may be a good improvement or no effect, “he explained.

What are the essential care to avoid stretch marks?

It is necessary to pay attention in some indispensable points to protect the skin against the destruction of elastic and collagen fibers.

“The practice of physical exercises and the maintenance of the weight avoid the stretch of the skin.You just have to be careful about gaining muscle mass quickly, stretching the region too much – the same thing happens in pregnancy, “he said.

“In addition, use moisturizing products based on oil, collagen, elastin, vitamin E and / or hyaluronic acid, for example, and drink water to keep the body hydrated, leaving the skin more resistant to breakage and with better elasticity,” he said. .

* Dermatologists specialists are consulted as journalistic sources and do not use this space for the promotion of any product or brand. To find out the ideal treatment for your skin, consult a dermatologist at the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

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